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In current market economic situation, the competitions of enterprises are talents' competition; the one that can attract talents and use talents well will get a leg up on the competition. We are fully realized the importance of talents, from the very being, we focus on attracting talents, training talents, and properly using talents. The enterprise has set special human resource mechanism that is responsible for introducing each discipline of technical and managing talents, selecting and recruiting technical worker having expertise. A number of professional design and manufacture specialists and special management talents with rich experiences and knowledge are introduced successively, and they make contributions on surviving and development of the enterprise. Along with the development of the enterprise, we still need a bunch of professional talents, in the future, we also need some research-typed talent with innovation ability, and we adopt open recruitment, university-enterprise cooperation, directional training and other modes to attract talents to our company constantly. We provide the recruited talent with proper platform, bring into full play each one's ability to the limit, take care of their health, life and family, so that they can devote to work without worries, provide proper treatment according to their creation abilities and contributions, really retain talents by career, emotion and compensation so as to stabilize a strong team of talents.

Special line for recruitment set by HR department :0510-83623031
Open to:
outstanding talents in motor industry
Number of Hiring:
Working place:
Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi
Pay packets:
Publishing date:
Effective period:
Always open
Recruitment requirements:
Major in mechanical or related. Love motor industry, be good at communication, and be honest and trustworthy

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