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YZP series frequency conversion and timing three-phase asynchronous motors for crane and metallurgical uses (herein after referred to as motor) integrate the feature of three-phase asynchronous motors for crane and metallurgy with the advantage of frequency conversion and timing, which have overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide speed adjusting speed, and stable running features. Their basic technical conditions conform to the requirements of international standard IEC34-1 and national standard GB755. They can be applied in every type of lifting and metallurgical machinery or other similar equipment, and can be used in other frequent starting, braking and reversing occasions.
1. The motor can perform normally  at following conditions
1.1Environment temperature is not more than 40℃(for general environment),  and 60℃(for metallurgical environment).
1.2 Relative temperature ≤90%.
1.3 Altitude is not more than 1000m.
1.4 Frequent starting, braking (electric or mechanical) and conversion.
2. Motor rated voltage is 380V, rated frequency is 50Hz, continuous speed variable range can be  within 3-100Hz; also in addition, according to user’s requirements, rated voltage and rated frequency can be changed, and frequency can be adjusted to below 3Hz.
3. Motor’s basic duty type is S3-40%.
4. Model description

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