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Product Introduction

1.1 YBZR series flameproof 3-phase wound-rotor asynchronous motor (hereafter referred to motor) is mainly applied for electrically driving various kinds of explosion-proof hoisting machinery.With its greater overload capacity and higher machhinery strength the motor is especially suitable for short time or intermittent running,frequently starting and stopping equipment.Its explosion-proof performance is conformed to GB3836.2-2000 Electrical Equipment Used in Explosive Gas Environment,Part2;Definition of Flameproof "d", including three explosion-proof signs--ExdⅠ、ExdⅡBT4 and ExdⅡCT4, Thereby,the products can be used in the places under wells full of explosive mixture of methane or coal dust and air and in the place in factory full of explosive mixture of inflammable gas with igniting temperature classed as T1-T4 and transmission level of detonation not greater than ⅡB or ⅡC.

1.2 Protection level and cooling method of motor
1.2.1 Protection level IP54 for shell and IP55 for terminal box.
1.2.2 Cooling form:IC410 for base Nos.112~132 and IC411 for base Nos. 160~400(refer to GB1993).
1.3 Insulation Classes F and H are suitable; Class F applicable for the places having surrounding air temperature of less than 40℃ and Class H for the places having surrounding air temperature of less than 60℃.
1.4 Applicable operating conditions are as below:
a) Using place not more than 1000 above sea level;
b) Minimum surrounding air temperature not less than -15℃,Maximum surrounding air temperature;<35℃ in coal mine and <40℃ in factory;specially high temperature is avalable for customer's requirement.
c) Relative humidity not more than 97% under well (Ambient temperature is 25℃).
d) Rated frequency:50Hz or 60Hz;
e) Rate voltage:380V or 440V、380/660V and 660/1140V.
f) Frequent start,brake or reversing.

1.5 Nomenclature:

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