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YZRW series three-phase asynchronous motor with eddy current braking winding rotor (Hereafter eddy current braking motor is named) for metallurgical and hoisting use consists of YZR series motor and eddy current brake mounted on auxiliary shaft extension. The products combine drive and speed regulation into one and have the features of stable speed regulation at low speed, keeping operating under control and stable, etc.

TWO.The eddy current braking motor will operate satisfactorily under following conditions.
·Temperature of coolant not exceeding 60℃(for class “H” motors)or 40℃(for class “F” motors)。
·Altitude from sea-level not exceeding 1000m.
·Frequent and significant mechanical vibration and shocks.
The rated frequency of the eddy-current motors is 50HZ and rated voltage is 380V. The exciting voltage of turbine brake is DC 80±15V.

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