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Quality Control
Ⅰ.Quality Policy
Our quality policy is based on stable quality, satisfactory service, and consistently improved quality level to meet with the demands of customers.
II. Quality Target
a) Acceptance ratio for components processing ≥96%;
b) Acceptable ratio of finished product after inspection≥97%
c) Handling ratio for comments of customers is 100%.

III. System Accreditation

1. Our company passed Quality Management System Accreditation ISO9001-2000 in 2003. At present, we have Quality Management System Accreditation reviewed and qualified by China Classification Society Certification Company.
Accreditation range: manufacture lifting and metallurgy three-phase motor, lifting EXd three-phase asynchronous motor, design, develop and manufacture battery AC three-phase asynchronous motor, ship motor
Valid period: - 2013.02

2.Our company has been passed Environment Management System Accreditation ISO 14001:2004 accredited by NQA, which applies to manufacture and service activities of battery AC three-phase asynchronous motor, hybrid excitation permanent magnet synchronous motor, and lifting and metallurgy three-phase motor(except that statutory required by 3C)and its premise involved environment management performed by Wuxi New Great Power Electrical Machine Co.,Ltd.. locating in Huishan Economic Development Zone Industrial Park, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.
Valid period: -2010.04—2013.04

IV. Product Accreditation
1. Quality Permits for Export Product, Code: XJ2011152; Exporting product range: 80—450AC Motor, valid period: 2011.01.12—2015.01.11.
2. CE Mark, Code: OUCE-090168; Accreditation range: YZ(E)Series 112~450,YZR(E) Series 112~450
V. Product Inspection and Testing

1. Metering Room, Physical Room, Leave Factory Laboratory Room (two sets), and Full Performance Testing Station are established by our company.
2. The whole process of the product from raw material receiving, production processing to finished motor delivery is under strict inspection and quality control.
3. Testing power range of motor type test station of our company: 0.75—400KW, voltage range: 0—690V, and meeting inspection requirements of series variable frequency motor.

Quality management system of Wuxi New Great Power Electrical Machine Co., Ltd. originates from total quality management since last century, and 6S management, lean production management, and "zero defects" concept are incorporated in this century, the whole company implements ISO9000 eight major principles and lean management to make quality management system perfect daily and become an importance guarantee of the company to high product quality, high efficiency, and high speed development, which is also NGP’s core company culture. With constant growing and development of the customer base, NGP’s products have spread over all large scaled engineering, port, and factory mine, also, explored broad international market. Creating value for customers and promoting national brand are our NGP’s everlasting pursuit.

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