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Product Introduction
3.1 There are two yes of this series motor,single-speed and two-speed.Two-speed motor is dual-winding & two-speed squirrel-cage motor.For YBZE、YBZSE series motor,motor and brake is coaxial together.For base frame 112 to 180,there is no separate terminal box for brake,power supply and rectifier for brake is within motor terminal box. For base frame 200 to 250 ,there is separate terminal box for motor and brake.
3.2 Selection of brake for YBZE & YBZSE motor;It is usually applied domestically DCZ series spring pressure nonelectric brake and it is also applied BFK458 series spring pressure electromagnetic brake made by Germany Lenz Company. Such two types of brake are similar in structure and installation method completely.
3.2.1 For base frame 112 to 200 ,it is applied single-brake(whole structure can refer to Fig,1).For base frame 225 to 250,it is applied double-braking torque brake (whole structure can refer to Fig.2).
3.2.2 Brake applies six pole half-wave rectifiers.with input voltage AC 380V and power supply partially controlled by crane.
3.3 Bearing
applied in this series motor can refer to Table 4

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