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Product Introduction
3.1 Terminal box of stator located above the base has a structure for rubber cable,which contains 3 or 6 copper terminals for connection and another terminal for earthing ,Terminal box of rotor above top cover has 3 copper terminals for connecting control system and one earthing terminal.Motor structure is shown in Figure 1.
3.2 Transmission form
Coupler or spur-gear drive is applied in the motor series.When spur-gear drive is used,pitch diameter of the gear should not be less than twice quill diameter.
3.3 Bursh and brush holder
In the motor series the newly-designed constant springs are fitted.When brush is worn during opertion,pressure between collector and brush can be kept steady.
Make of the brushes being used is J201,Their size are shown in Table 4。
3.4 Bearing
Type of bearing used in the motor series are given in Table 5
3.5 Collector ring
The collector rings used in motors are plastic-moulded.
Structural Diagram of YBZR Motor
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