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Operating system and technical data
2.1 Motor is applied for intermittent periodical load.There are for types of operating system,namely S2、S3、S4、S5 dependent on different load characteristics. Reference operating system is; if iperating system is S3,for single-speed it is 40%,and for it is 25%;at high-speed and 15% at low-speed(That is to say,if operating system is S3 ,duration ratio of load is 40%、25%、15% respectively and operating period is 10min)。
2.2 Main technical data。
2.2.1 With reference operating system for motor ,corresponding relation of its rated power,moment of inertia of rotor (Jam)、static brake moment(YBZ & YBZS motor is nothing with static brake moment.)with its base frame number is compatible with Table 2。
2.2.2 With rated voltage and reference operating system,ratio between maximum torque & stall torque with rated torque is no less than value regulated on Table 3-1(single-speed)and Table 3-2(two-speed)。
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