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Battery AC three-phase asynchronous motor (hereinafter referred to as the motor] is mainly used in electric forklifts, electric pallet
truck, electric tractor, golf cart, sightseeing car, electric cars powered by the flattery of the vehicle, including traction motors, pumps
motors and power steering motor. The series motor has a wide speed range, large overload capacity, high mechanical strength,
stable operation, and many other advantages, a new generation of energy efficient environmentally friendly products. Heavy
vehicles to meet the start-up, full of climbing and flat road run at high speed and other conditions.
1.under the following conditions using the motor run correctly:
1.1 ambient air temperature does not exceed 45℃;
1.2 Relative humidity less than 900I0 (2D℃);
1.3 Altitude less than 1 DDDm
2.The battery voltage motors can be used as }4V, 48V, 72V. AC rated voltage and rated frequency can be designed
according to needs.
3.motor basic duty 52-30min, or 52-fi0min.
4.Model descriptioy:

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