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Product Introduction

l、Degree of protection
The clegree of protection of enclosure of metallurgical motors is IP54 and that of crane motors is IP44.
2、Cooling method
Frame 112-132    IC410

Frame 160-400    IC411

3、 Construction and mounting arrangemens are shown in table 5.

 table 5


4、Insulation class
The insulation of metallurgical motors is of H class and that of crans motors is F class.

5、Terminal box
The terminal box for the stator is fitted on the top of the frame and connection can be made on either side ,of the framse.

6、Type of drive
Motors are designed for coupling or spursear drive when gear drive is used, the pitch diameter of the pinion should not be less than twice of that of the shaft extension.

7、 Brush holder and brush
The brush molders of the YZR series motors are provided with spring of constant pressure of the latest design so that the pressure between the collector ring and brush can remain unchanged while the brush are worn out during operaton. The type of brushes used is J201 and size sare shown in table 6.

  table 6

The type of bearing used in these series motors are shown in table 7

 table 7


9、Collector ring for the YZR series

The collector ring  are of the plastic mould pressed type

1、Fan  2、Front end cover   3、Stator  4、Rotor   5、Terminal Box
6、Upper cover  7、Inspection Windon cover  8、Brushi assy   9、Bearing   10、Flat key
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