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Broad Prospects of exporting China’s electric motor
Publisher:admin  AddDate:2012-8-25 13:27:32  Hits:8727
The National Reducer Committee for Standardization recently released a "1025" work plan for NRCS, which clarifies the “Outline of the National 12th Five-Year Plan”:
To implement effectively the 12th Five-Year Plan for national economy and our goals to speed up China’s equipment manufacturing industry development;
To improve the standardization management of national reducer enterprises and even the industry-wide;
To let domestic transmission equipment meets the needs of our major equipment manufacturing industry in the upbuilding of national economy;
To escort China to transforming into a powerful nation with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The electric motor, a major electromagnetic device for the conversion and transfer of electric energy, is mainly used to generate driving forces. The electric motor is also a power source of the reducer, and its quality often directly determines the energy consumption and service life of the reducer. So “Motor System Energy Efficiency” has been listed as one of the “Ten Key Energy Efficiency Projects” in the 1025 plan. A meeting was held in the March of 2012 to promote high efficiency motors nationwide. Judging from the current situation, our design techniques for motors have matured and China has become a major motor vehicle exporter. Since electric motor manufacturers are fewer and fewer in developed countries like America, and they depend on imports for many of their motors, which brings huge market potential and opens up much broader prospects for the electric motor industry in China.

Due to the needs of the domestic market, our electric motors are designed to have greater volume, thus the costs of production are rather higher when compared to foreign motors since more raw materials are used. As the international trend for large motors tends to be lightweight, portable and simple, the volume and the price of our large motors don't give us any advantage. So we need a lot more work to improve our design capability of motors. Only when we have increased our global competitiveness for motor manufacturing enterprises could we possibly become a global supplier of motors.

Looking into the future, we should strengthen the coordinated management of the design and manufacturing capabilities, and strengthen the capability of technological innovation. Only by carrying out energy conservation of large motors, focusing on the use of high-efficient energy and regulating development objectives and technical requirements of motor industry could we possibly adapt to the requirements of market economy and the state industrial development.
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