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Fast-growing Electric Motor Industry in China
Publisher:admin  AddDate:2012-8-25 13:26:30  Hits:8268
During the “15” and “Eleventh Five-Year” period, Chinese government has taken measures to promote growth and development in the electric vehicle industry, and has acquired a large number of IPRs for drive motor systems and mass production capability. Our self-developed permanent magnet synchronous motors, AC induction motors and switched reluctance motors have enabled small-batch production with domestic automobile manufacturers while the main performance indicators of the motor systems has come up to an international advanced level, and the power density of the motors been increased to 2.68 kW/kg. The high efficiency area in the motor system has been improved and so has the maximum efficiency, which could be above 94%. Now domestic motor manufacturers are already able to provide the auxiliary items of motors by raising funds through multiple channels to improve their manufacturing productivity, and they may be able to fill the current growing demand for electric vehicles.
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