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An Explosive Growth in High-efficiency Motor Industry
Publisher:admin  AddDate:2012-8-25 13:25:46  Hits:8011
Power industry has a good development trend in China which promotes the long-term steady growth of market demand for electric motors. Recently, China’s power construction is growing at fast pace while the manufacture and sales of small and medium-sized motors are increasing briskly. We are not only the Top 1 electric power consumption country in Asia, but also the developing country facing its most severe power shortage. Electric motors are genuine “large electricity consumers” for more than 60% of the electrical energy is used to drive them. To complete the current 1025 “national” energy saving and emission reduction goals, we must first improve the efficiency of the motors. The energy-saving electrical equipment, which adopts modern design concept, new process and new materials, may increase the rate of output rate by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. Compared to standard mechanical and electrical equipment, the energy-saving effect of using energy-saving electrical equipment is obvious, which might increase by 4%. The market prospects of energy-saving electrical equipment are optimistic.

The energy-saving electrical equipment receives lukewarm welcome in recent years. However, as we continue to support the enterprise implementation of energy saving and emission reduction projects at home and abroad, substantial progress in promoting the use of energy-saving electrical equipment will surely appear in future.

The machinery industry analyst in China pointed out: now we have a wide variety of electric motor products with low efficiency, which leads to long-term inefficient operation of electric motor systems. Some manufacturers lack knowledge about energy-efficient motor system may bring significant economic benefits, or they have a hard time overcoming technological obstacles in improving that system So, the electric motor industry must strengthen the R&D of energy-saving technologies and spur innovation in key technologies,which might give full play to the leading role of basic industry and promote the sustainable, stable and healthy development of national economy.

In the years to come, the energy-saving electrical equipment are expected to reach around 60% of newly-increased domestic small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment, and the market for energy-efficiency equipment will reach RMB 50 billion Yuan.

In 2011, our promotional plan for high-efficiency motors on a nationwide basis is 3,177 kilowatts, approximately 30% of annual domestic motor sales, which includes 20 million kilowatts of low-voltage high efficiency motor, 10 million kilowatts of high-voltage high efficiency motor and 1.77 million kilowatts of rare-earth permanent magnet motor. As China is actively carrying out the 1025 “national” energy saving and emission reduction plan and the following subsidy policy for high-efficiency motors, the explosive growth of high-efficiency motors is about to arrive in the near future.
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