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Common faulty and handling method

Common faulty and possible occurring reasons during usage


Possible reasons

Motor cannot move

1. Power is disconnected
2. Motor winding is disconnected
3. Overload
4. Starter or controller have bad contact or open circuit
5.Brush and collector ring have bad contact
6. Voltage is too low

Motor can move, but it fails to load

1. Setting value for overload protect is too low
2. Rotor bar or winding sealing off or breakage
3.Δ connected winding is misconnected as Y
4. Overload is too low

Motor overheat

1. Overload
2. Voltage is too low
3. Voltage is too high
4. Δ connected winding is misconnected as Y
5 Y connected winding is misconnected as Δ
6. Bad ventilation

Bearing overheat

1. Bearing wear
2. Insufficient lubricating grease
3. Too much grease
4. Misaligned axial line
5. Grease hardening

Spark jumping between brush and collector ring

1. Overload
2. Poor brush quality
3. Brush is clamped in brush-holder
4. Brush curvature is not conform to collector ring
5. Incorrect brush pressure
6. Rough or oil stained collector ring surface
7. Collector ring surface tracking
8. Coaxiality of collector ring is not good

Note: when above recommendations fail to find a solution for troubleshooting, please ask for experienced personnel or directly contact with manufacturer.
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